I hate London with a passion….

I so hate to be here , its unbelievable, I Hate this place……

Please Lord help , now….tonight……….for the year ahead…. 2012…

The Hate is growing and as the years are passing by with me being still here,,,its getting harder and harder…….

Help Jesus,

I never liked it before but now -its another level I hate it , totally, every fiber of my being is sick of it …

The Only reason why I am still here , its because I am convinced that You said not to leave,

I am not coming to you today  with tears in my eyes asking you WHY ? because I believe that you have already  given me the answer….

You told me why and also said that I shall wait, and wait and wait and wait….

I wish I could actually doubt what I think you spoke to me….

I wish I could be wrong, I would rather be wrong ..

I am trying to be wrong ,trying hard , I have to be wrong…

This place is a prison……

Iam suffocating

as the first sight of doubt …… I shall pack my bags and go …..


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