Then the LORD asked Cain, “Why are you angry, and why do you look disappointed/Downcast/dejected/sad/countenance fell?

  • There’s always come a time When God is the One asking the  Questions.
  • God doesn’t give up on Cain yet .God is ever so gracious-gently warns/appeals.
  • God loves interaction- From the beginning, His aim has always been to  be personal, intimate with his People.
  • Religion has always been Satan greatest Distraction to take us away from the simplicity of a active, organic, fresh,relationship with The creator.
  • There again we see our Lord Interacting with Cain, trying to bring him to ‘repentance’ probably….Just like He’d asked Adam & Eve ‘WHY’ they were hiding.
  • Why are you angry” Cain has done wrong, but He is acting as if if being unjustly treated ,but He is upset at God for the wrong that he has brought upon himself- so typical! ….So God is asking a very simple question…
  • This simple verse shows God’s heart , as a just , firm but xtremely merciful God always ready to reach out and ‘patch things up’.

God tells us Face to face,Confirms Heart to heart , then we walk  Hand in hand.

Face to face ,Heart to heart,  Hand in hand that’s My God.


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