Read this passage this morning and I wondering what it means?

Matthew 25 14-30

Does it mean that unfruitful Christians will go to Hell?



  1. I read this as saying two things:
    1.) You have resources and gifts entrusted to you in your person (talents, not the money in the parable lol), and resources of a more literal kind in the world around you, such as the earth.

    You should use these wisely and don’t just bury them in the ground, so to speak. Make use of what God gave you and don’t spoil it.

    2.) You should know God and His ways well enough to make proper use of what He gave you. The lazy servant said that he was “afraid” and knew the master was a “hard man”. These are not what should motivate us in our service and use of our resources. They led this servant to disaster.

    Personally, from the rest of the NT in context, I think your service should come from love of God and neighbor, instead of fear and mistrust (as the lazy servant). In that way, you are using your talents and resources wisely as God commanded.

    • I see thank you
      What about when God gave us gifts to serve Him,as He does for everyone of us ,but we don’t live a life of obedience ,hence dont see their true value-to serve Him and the the needy world ard us -and so end up not using them,thinking that it is ok just to ‘be’ a church-goer’?

  2. I think I know what you mean by ‘church-goer’. I sympathize with that sentiment. I guess there are two sides to this:
    1.) There is nothing we can do to work our way to God. There are no good works, and we have no righteousness in us apart from that of God and God working through us. Our salvation rests upon God alone, as we are too feeble and weak to accomplish anything of that nature.
    2.) And yet, when we are believers and accept the holy spirit into our lives, we can expect to bear fruit. Actual things happen and change. Now perhaps the change is so small that most people don’t notice and they say “you’re just sitting in church, and you’re satisfied with that?”. But who are we to know what change is happening in their souls? Perhaps they have changed immensely, and perhaps in the future they will show that outwardly… I don’t know. We also don’t know every moment in their lives in which good things could be done through them by God, so I would again refrain from judging them in that way. You might see them as lumps in church, but they might have touched many lives outside of church. My pastor told me a story about his sister, who really never got her life together. She was a mess, a wreck, not “christian” by many standards, but she was a believer, and she touched many lives…but no one knew it until after her death when these people stepped forward.

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