Quote from stylist’s article from a woman having an affair with a married man with no shame whatsoever!

“I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with sleeping with a married man.So much blame gets thrown at women but reality is it’s the man who’s married,not me.”

-hmm,very frank-interesting last point abt blaming women!!!!



  1. Is it that blame gets thrown at the woman more? Or is it that because it’s a “relationship” people automatically are going to hold both people in the relationship responsible? I think its more that than blaming the woman.

    Course, what do I know?

    • both people shall be accountable but very often the woman-the mistress is blamed-less forgiven than the man,or maybe shall we say the non-married whether woman or man get blamed more than the married adulterer.
      I quite agree that the married has more blame to bear ,even though both parties are guilty!

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