Let me get that straight..

I am not sure I have all my facts right , but I ll just form a reflection on what I have heard and seen recently,what s on my heart

So the ‘gifts of the Holy Spirit’ with revivals after revivals have come back into the Church only in the last 100 yrs ishhh.before that most denominations were ‘without’!?

What I don’t understand is how come if there has been such a great ‘outpouring’ of the power of God in people lives , we have have had so little impact on society,how come we are the one getting more and more like the world.

It seems that to find a church where Jesus is the center of all, and the power of his love is enough to save and set free being preached  ,is getting harder and harder.

Whether you have the “charismatic churches where you better speak in ‘tongues’ to be part of the party or ,you get the postmodern church that is into rock roll trying their best to  make Jesus as attractive as possible to the world that you sometimes wonder where the difference is !

In both cases it seems that ,we are ‘manufacturing’ something that takes us further from what the Gospel is all about !!

If all the ‘Charismatic,slaying,falling,laughing,tonguing,shaking,spinning,rolling,running…etc…were so much signs of God being so powerfully in our midst ,WHY ? WHY? Morality,Sexual Purity,Faithfulness,Overcoming of sin has been and is getting so rare in the Church??

It just doesn’t make any sense to me ,that we have more and more churches preaching that tongues is the EVIDENCE of someone being filled with the Holy Spirit,while Christians has never been so powerless!!!

The divorce rate in Christians is atrociously high!! but we speak in tongues! Tongue is for personal edification?? What are the fruits? where are the fruits?

Come people ,THINK ,USE your Gods given COMMON SENSE!

the sad thing is that its getting worse as now,more and more ministries are emphasizing,’Holy Spirit Manifestations” we seems to have entered a era of ‘FEEL GOD .FEEL ME”…

It just doesn’t make sense! The logic is the more ’empowered’ you are,the more powerful you will be in all levels.

The more I observe what is happening the more I realized that we have become ‘professional manufacturers of spiritual experiences’,in other words we are ‘faking it’,we are fooling ourselves,but not God and certainly not the world…

There is something really wrong here ..

Sunday, Me and my friend went for prayer,they were praying for empowerment from the Holy Spirit,we went ahead,…the leaders were literately pushing us to make us fall on the floor…my friend who is a new Christian said to me after: “I know now why people fall on the floor,it is not because of the power of God ,it is because they are pushed!!!

There is something wrong….

This not the Gospel I read of in the bible..


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  1. Such a good word and very necessary for today. I think you’re exactly right in saying that a lot of the stuff we’re seeing today has little to do with the gospel. While I’m a huge advocate for being culturally relevant, we can NEVER do so if it means watering down the message.

    I think that people are eager to seek the spiritual gifts but nobody wants to take the time for the spiritual fruit. Gifts are given freely. Fruit requires work. It takes time, heat, nutrients, sunlight for it to grow. We’re too much of a “quick fix” generation.

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