Oh my friend who ve always listened to me but you ve never heard me.




  1. At first, I was reminded of what Jesus said in Luke 8:10 BUT then I thought of how this kind of applies to our friendship too. I listen to you by reading your blog, but I’ve never actually heard you say anything since it’s written. Hope you’re having a good weekend, friend.

  2. I have a friend who has always been a good listener, lovely brother in Christ, at one point I even called him my ‘best friend’, but when crisis struck, that is when I realised that after all these years he actually didn’t ‘know’ me,he didnt know my ‘heart’, he was as clueless as you can be , and was totally unable to really help remind in the crisis , he had great general counsel but couldnt hit my note !
    I trusted him so much that I took his interpretation of my crisis for the real thing until the Holy Spirit stopped me and opened my eyes…
    That s when I learnt about Jobs friend….
    Sometimes we know abt people,but don’t know them.
    Even though we mean well,we can be so wrong

  3. I agree with that. I’m sorry that your friend wasn’t able to “hit your note.” I’m hoping you are surrounded by the truest friends who can remind you of your song. 🙂

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