King David,King Solomon and Vero

My thoughts : King Solomon compared to King David

The difference between David and Solomon is :

  • the difference between the’ heart ‘and the ‘mind’.
  • the difference between “Heart knowledge”and “Head knowledge”
  • the difference between the “Psalms: God focused” and the ” Proverbs:men focused”
  • the difference between a ” life of worship” and “rules to successful living”
  • David’ knew God’, Solomon knew ‘about God’.
  • David stood out for his ‘character’
  • Solomon stood out for his ‘Gifting’
  • David had a ‘heart condition’
  • Solomon had a ‘brain condition’
  • David allowed mind’s truths to become his Heart’s reality.
  • Solomon never did,’Rhetoric’ became his God!
  • It also shows that great ‘miracles, encounters’ are to no avail when the heart is not sold out to obey God! God “appeared twice” to King Solomon,but never appeared to King David ! At the end ;Whose faith was the most faithful ?
  • But I think, that ” The Real” difference is actually strongly revealed in their failures:

When King David was convicted of sin , he was wretched and repented !

When Solomon was convicted of sin , he ‘insisted’ on NOT repenting !

They both failed , but both didn’t end their journey in failure,Only one did!

  • There lies the difference between someone who ‘wholeheartedly’ loves God and someone who doesn’t!

I personally desire David’s heart and Solomon Gift! :O)

So…………….. How is our heart doing?



One comment

  1. Really good thoughts. I hope that we can grow into people who experience that internal fusion.

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